Pink Obsession Tarot deck

Embark on a journey through the enchanted spectrum of the soul with the Pink Obsession Tarot Deck - a vivid manifestation of love, intuition, and cosmic wonder.

Embrace the Mystical Hues with Pink Obsession Tarot Deck

My interpretation of the iconic scenes adds layers of personal meaning, with the hope that they'll resonate with your life's colors. As an artist and visionary, I've poured my heart into each card, seeking not just to create but to channel the mystic energies that tarot represents. The Pink Obsession Tarot Deck is the fruit of this journey - partly birthed through the wonders of AI and intricately refined by hand in Adobe Illustrator to ensure each card is not only visually stunning but also spiritually resonant.

More than a beautiful picture...

Each illustration in this 78-card tarot deck is more than an image... It's a whisper of the universe, a brushstroke of the unseen realms, and a gateway to the wisdom you seek.

Pink Obsession Tarot deck isn't just a labor of love. It's a year-long odyssey that combines the deep heritage of the Rider-Waite tradition with my personal interpretation of the cards.

Why Indiegogo?

To bring the Pink Obsession Tarot Deck into the world, I need your support. Your contributions will breathe life into this project, covering the costs of high-quality printing, materials that honor the vibrancy of the artwork, and ensuring that these cards reach seekers and readers far and wide.

Your backing is not just a financial pledge - it's a step into a community of dreamers, artists, and mystics. In return for your support, you'll receive not only the Pink Obsession Tarot Deck but also a piece of the magic - a share in the cosmic dance of creation and divination.

Join me in bringing the Pink Obsession Tarot Deck to life

Pink Obsession Tarot Deck - a beacon of love and insight, a melding of tradition and individuality, and a deck that promises to be as unique as each of us in the universal tapestry. Pledge now, and let's delve together into the beauty of the cosmos - card by card, shade by shade.

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